Our vision

Progress through education


Our work is focused on the advancement of educational opportunities through building and improving facilities, equipment and programming for people in need. 

Developing a love of learning encourages life-long learning. Being a life-long learner is fundamental to sustaining our mission: progress though education.

Knowing the people and communities with whom we are working is of the utmost importance to us, as it is this relationship that directs our efforts. Different groups of students and communities are at different points in their educational needs:

1) Accessing education and "buying into it" to improve quality of life.

2) Sustaining and applying education in a meaningful way so progress is clear and learning becomes valuable.

3) Experiencing relevant and modern educational opportunities to propel growth and create change .

At Just Cause we use both high tech and low tech approaches to our work. This means that we are able to develop quality, relevant and meaningful learning opportunities at multiple levels in a wide variety of circumstances and locations.

Our approach allows us to provide experiences to students in ways that are effective, applicable and encourage excitement about learning! In developing nations there is very limited access to hands-on learning and most schools exclusively utilize rote-style teaching in all subject areas. Access to technology is even more restricted for students, although young people are very aware of its existence and are very interested in embracing it. People know these shortcomings exist in their educational system; they know that their nations are behind much of the world in technology, equipment, access, expertise and application.

We believe that education is the best long term solution to poverty.