Skills Development

Empowering communities with opportunities to learn a new skill to help support their families with training & co-operative centres.


Just Cause Education Outreach believes in education for all. This means providing opportunities in communities through the development of skills. We offer training to the people in the communities we work in, so that people can learn a tangible skill that can potentially provide them with an income.

Just Cause opened a training and co-operative centre in Nazigo that focuses on tailoring. Experienced local tailors train individuals that express an interest in learning. Using the equipment provided, they are now able to create garments that are sold to people in the area and provide individuals with an income.

Just Cause also plans to offer evening computer access and training to local out-of-school young adults and mature adults in the community at the Community Technology Centre at Our Dad Elementary, in Bugembe once construction is complete.

Additionally, Just Cause raises funds for their projects by selling crafts in Canada that have been made in Uganda. Connecting experienced bead and basket makers with communities that have no other identified source of income for women has allowed for individuals to learn a skill that has translated into a job and income for their families. Just Cause is now able to purchase handicrafts from the communities in which we work.