Sponsor an Initiative

Give a gift that creates opportunity, dignity and a future with potential.

Your gift will help us continue to improve educational programs, equipment and facilities for at-risk youth in Uganda. Your gift will help to develop #educationforall

All donations of $40 or more will be issued an official Canadian Tax Receipt. 


Building Facilities


Constructing and improving classrooms, latrines, furnishings and school grounds for underserved communities.

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High Tech Programs


Current technology meets hands-on learning and competition with STEAM through computers, electronics and robotics in the Makerspaces.

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Mobile Workshops


Low Tech and High Tech STEAM workshops and on-going programming for rural schools and students of all ages. 

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Improving Resources


Providing school supplies, teaching equipment, curriculum documents and enhancing classroom environments.

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Skills Development


Empowering communities with opportunities to learn a new skill to help support their families with training & co-operative centres. 

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Collaborating Across Oceans


Connecting, collaborating and competing with students overseas through joint activities provides exciting learning for all!

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