Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics.

Why we believe in a STEAM focused education:

"While you can say there are bigger problems and issues to address in developing nations, education is key to progress. Technology can be a great catalyst for education leading to significant change and improvement in society. It can push ahead at a rate that is not possible with traditional learning environments, one that has remained largely unchanged, often for decades, in developing nations. Technology also provides the opportunity for building skills that are needed and are difficult to teach in the traditional classrooms in so many countries - skills like problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and creative thought. Technology is a great motivator for kids because it gets them excited about learning and also for what is possible for their own futures."

Technology is lagging behind in very relevant areas in developing nations and can serve to improve and advance potential for people in everything from farming to small businesses, manufacturing, health care and environmental protection. Bringing technology through STEAM education allows people to work towards bridging this significant development gap. Unfortunately, there is minimal teaching expertise and access to technology equipment is scarce - yet these areas provide great future opportunity for young people and the greatest opportunity to promote innovation in developing nations. This is why Just Cause has chosen to work on building and improving educational opportunities through both facility development and programming with a special focus on STEAM disciplines.